Elastic device for products loading on belt conveyors

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Flexal device ( patented A I n° 52 2735759 ) consists of cross belt elastic straps which, through their flexibility and their elongation ability, absorb impact energy and weight of loaded products.

Flexal can be appreciated in all industrial uses,quarrying, cement works, mining, steel industry, recycling,waste treatment, etc...

The straps, more or less numerous, are supported by a metal framework, adjustable in all 3 dimensions in order to fit the system to every trough angle, from 20 to 70°. Each strap is fitted with sliding pads made of very high molecular weight HDPE. They are replaceable and their number is flexible, depending on the application.

Pad’s fixing to the strap is designed such that its elongation is not hindered.

The belt is in contact with a large number of pads which automatically distribute strains and frictions due to elastic supporting.
Pressure is then very low which generates


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